Helga Kleisny


Abenteuer Internet – Tips and Tricks for Internet Research

The book dates back to 2001. Eons have passed since then for the Internet. There were no social networks, no Facebook, and no Snapchat. The book is listed here because at least the parts that deal with serious research (for journalists) are still valid.
Adventure Internet was written as a lecture accompanying text for journalism students at the FH-Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. Although especially those present there may prefer the live presentation and joint elaboration of the material to a printed book salad! The chapters in the first part (section I) are dedicated to special points from a journalistic point of view.

Adventure Internet shows how the reader how he/she can easily and quickly get the information he/she needs.
Where is the best restaurant? Where can you see the movie everyone is talking about? Nothing works in life without quick and easy research. With the World Wide Web, we have the medium for quick information. But after mastering the first hurdle of successful Internet access, the next frustration quickly follows: In the vastness of the Net, all the information you can imagine is available.
But why do I get all kinds of garbage with my search engine, just not what I'm looking for?
Adventure Internet shows how to get the information quickly and easily in the future.
All the tips and tricks that journalists and other professionals use. Discovering instead of learning is the guideline for this book. Have fun and reach your goal!
The photo for the title was taken by extreme photographer Thomy Ulrich. Art Director Franz Boguth used it to design the cover.
Major Newspaper: Die Welt
"Despite its bulging abundance of information, this new work is not a dry textbook, but a highly amusing foray between the history of science, real life, and the brave new world of technical utopias. ...The author has repeatedly interspersed the narrative with references to information-rich search terms like tasty bait that make Internet searching on the PC almost an addiction. "The author deliberately breaks new ground in science communication. One can only comment: The world belongs to those who think anew."

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Contents of the Book 

  • What's behind a search engine
  • Known where - the quick search
  • Search programs in comparison
  • Searching for specialists - Boolean operators - field search
  • Criteria for the quality of a search program
  • Topic related search engines
  • How to choose your search engine
  • How secure is the net?
  • Strategies without search programs
  • 10 traps on the net
  • 10 tips and tricks for Internet professionals
  • What to do if - quick help in case of errors
  • 4 tips that solve 90% of problems
  • Exercises that are fun and
  • 11 Suggestions Just for Fun
  • The treasure chest - interesting facts that will make your life easier.
Adventure Internet was written as a lecture accompanying text for journalism students at the FH-Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. Although especially those present there may prefer the live presentation and joint elaboration of the material to a printed book salad! The chapters in the first part (section I) are dedicated to special points from a journalistic point of view.
Just as well all Otto normal consumers can profit, who would like to know in the daily life simply times fast something or also the thorough search to a topic to start would like. And all those who sit in front of their PC in a rage or despair and ask themselves why it displays several thousand results on the screen, but not one of them corresponds to what you told it to search for. Primarily the parts II, III and IV are meant for you
In this book there is again (as in "Why flies are bored in the cinema") a "book within a book", i.e. a (superordinate = meta) story that runs through the chapters. Because this is about the discovery of new worlds (or more profanely: the Internet), further research is necessary for this: the text is encrypted. There are three clues in total: one is hidden in this book, two are implicit on the following webpage: www.kleisny.de.
Anyone who would like to take on the additional intellectual challenge is welcome to email me his/her version of the solution.

For Journalists and other professionals

Good research is part of the basic craft of a journalist. Even for non-fiction authors, copywriting is "just" one of the nice incidentals of their daily work. Without the knowledge - WHAT, the knowledge - WHERE, and the knowledge - HOW, the best writing style is of little use. Microphone panning alone is at best enough for the coffee commercial on TV. And its performer has about as much in common with a journalist as the numerous TV doctors and policemen have with their real-life role models.
They can now easily use the tools of the trade in their professional and private lives. This book shows you how and where to find the information that will keep you one step ahead.
Rummaging through thick books to gain information - that can happen. But it is more likely that you will find all the information you need much faster and more conveniently on the World Wide Web. If you know what you are looking for and where the answers to your questions are hidden. And that's exactly what this book is about - the optimal search strategies and the helpful tools to do so.
"Learning how to bake cakes" - instead of publishing individual recipes. That's the goal of the book. No long lists of web addresses, but professional tips on how to always find the latest and new links ("addresses") to the currently interesting issues. 
Research is not a special field for specialists. Research is to find the cheapest telephone or fuel price. Research leads to new friends worldwide, to like-minded people in the same place or on the other side of the world.


Research means mastering life according to one's own ideas. Not choosing the next best restaurant just because it's on the way, but taking your partner specifically to Pablo's Cantina because he or she is in the mood for Spanish cuisine tonight.
Why read the magazine Der Spiegel on Monday when the news is already available online on Saturday? Job offers in the newspaper are old news. On the web, you're in the fast lane with your job wishes and offers. And not just in your city, but worldwide.
Meeting new friends with similar hobbies and interests - the bar counter has always been of limited use for this. It's much easier, faster and more reliable in chat rooms or newsgroups. Even if caution is sometimes called for (this book tells you where and how you should never expose yourself), numerous friendships have already been formed through the World Wide Web.
Adventure Internet is intended to awaken interest in new things, to take you playfully into the future, which, with its rules for acquiring knowledge, requires new methods and strategies. Time is a precious resource.
We have long since run out of time to consume all the available information in paper form or on TV. Nevertheless, the advantage of the better-informed has not changed. Only in the optimal methods to get exactly the information we want, instead of a flood of useless data.
Are you curious? Do you want to know how you can secure your lead? Knowledge is power. Being well-informed is a prerequisite for not being driven by the decisions of others, but actively determining your own course of action.
Do you enjoy discovery? Or do you associate learning with dusty books and even dustier teachers? Can you imagine that acquiring knowledge can also be fun? So much that time flies by?
Let yourself be carried away into a new way of gaining information. Into a country, into a time, which is characterized by having fun, by entertainment and by pleasure.